At Kelperland we think a vital service we offer is to keep ill or immediately postoperative patients here in the practice overnight.

We can make sure they are as comfortable as possible with lots of pain relief, resting and receiving important intravenous fluids or other medications overnight. This is extremely important to prevent having to transport sick pets back and forth between practices for daytime and nighttime care.

I heard a sad story last week of a client from another practice and her poorly dog. Thankfully her cavalier is now fit and well again. But he was very ill for a few days and needed to be admitted into their vets’ hospital. Unfortunately, the vets didn’t offer overnight care for her dog – this is the reality in some practices. So he was in her normal vets during the day. She then had to go and pick him up and take him to High Wycombe for overnight care. She said that understandably he was very upset to be picked up and then abandoned again at the High Wycombe vets for overnight care. He stayed there overnight and then needed collecting the next morning from High Wycombe and then back to Maidenhead to be left again with her daytime vets.

This is all very avoidable, by choosing a vet like us where we keep any sick pets in overnight then no transporting of pets is required at all and he/she can stay resting in one place until feeling fit and ready to go home again!

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