We’re Here For Your Pet In Sickness And In Health

Whether it’s a routine check-up, addressing a health issue or diagnosing and treating something more serious, we have the experience, facilities and know-how to help your pet out.

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Available Monday to Friday between 08.30-11.30 and 15.30-19.00, and Saturdays from 09.00-11.30.

During your consultation, the vet can diagnose and treat illness and/or carry out a range of preventative health care procedures. Priority is given to urgent cases – we will always fit you in.

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Telephone 01628 624935 or Request an Appointment.

Diagnostic Tools

  • In-house blood machines can tell us within minutes about the inner health of your pet. They are particularly useful in very sick patients, where the results will impact on the immediate treatment required. This machine also allows us to perform pre-anaesthetic blood profiles, highlighting any potential issues an animal may have with an anaesthetic, before it has even begun.
  • State-of-the-art digital X-ray allows us to quickly take superb images for accurate diagnosis. These can then be easily demonstrated to you on an iPad, so you can understand what is happening.
  • Ultrasound lets us look inside your pet’s body (most commonly the abdomen) in a completely harmless fashion by placing a probe on the skin. In addition to our own machine, we can also arrange for a specialist ultrasonographer to examine your pet in more challenging cases.

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House Calls

We realise that there are circumstances where a house visit is more appropriate for you and your pet, and we are happy to arrange a visit to your home on these occasions.

Please note that these visits have to be carefully arranged so as not to clash with routine appointment times or current in-patients. Ideally they would be arranged the day before, or before 10am on the day you would like a visit.

Obviously this is not possible in emergency situations, and in these cases we will always work out a solution for you.


Most medications are dispensed during consultations and after examination by the veterinary surgeon. Current legislation requires us to carry out regular re-examinations to confirm the efficacy of the medication, the accuracy of dosage, and the absence of any significant side-effects (which may not be obvious).

Most long term conditions will require an appointment with the veterinary surgeon at no more than three monthly intervals, subject to the judgement of the clinician in charge of the case.

For owners requiring ongoing supplies of medication we will endeavour to prepare your prescription within 24 hours, depending on stock levels.

Please call us on 01628 624935 if you wish to order repeat medication.

Overnight Care

At Kelperland we think a vital service we offer is to keep ill or immediately postoperative patients here in the practice overnight.

We make sure they’re as comfortable as possible with lots of pain relief, resting and receiving important intravenous fluids or other medications overnight.

This is extremely important to prevent having to transport sick pets back and forth between practices for daytime and nighttime care.

This is a sad story we heard recently of a client from another practice and her poorly dog. Thankfully her cavalier is now fit and well again. But he was very ill for a few days and needed to be admitted into their vets’ hospital.

Unfortunately, the vets didn’t offer overnight care for her dog – this is the reality in some practices. So he was in her normal vets during the day. She then had to go and pick him up and take him to High Wycombe for overnight care. She said that understandably he was very upset to be picked up and then abandoned again at the High Wycombe vets for overnight care. He stayed there overnight and then needed collecting the next morning from High Wycombe and then back to Maidenhead to be left again with her daytime vets. And so on.

This is all very avoidable, by choosing a vet like us where we keep any sick pets in overnight then no transporting of pets is required at all and he/she can stay resting in one place until feeling fit and ready to go home again!

If you have an issue with your pet which begins outside of our working hours, then ring us as normal on 01628 624935.

Our answerphone will provide you with the details for MiNight Vet, this is a specialist emergency service based in Maidenhead. They will listen to your problem on the phone before offering appropriate advice or arranging for you to go to their clinic. MiNightVet are specialists in their field and offer superb care for your pet, all around the clock.

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