It was a terrible break. Her tibia and fibula (the shin bones) were broken in multiple places.

We have no idea how it happened, which is often the case with cats. Thankfully Treacle seemed well in herself so we proceeded to operate and stabilise her broken bones. Simon used a steel pin to go down the centre of the tibia, and a plate with screws screwed into the bone to hold everything firmly in place.

From the beginning, Treacle was using the leg well, but at 8 weeks there were minimal signs of healing in the bones themselves. Simon decided to wait for 2 more months and were x-rayed her recently – to everyone’s great delight all the bones have now healed. The pin in the centre of the tibia was removed from the leg as it was irritating her knee a little bit, but the plate and screws will stay in there for life!

After a long recuperation Treacle is now free to continue living a normal life and getting up to mischief!

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