I love fireworks – they are truly amazing. We went to the Windsor Racecourse at the weekend for the annual event. The firework show was spectacular and we all had a great time – our three year old daughter Elana in particular!

But it struck me whilst watching the show – why do they need to be noisy at all? Whilst the fireworks were being let off there was music being blared out at the same time – would it have made any dif-ference to our enjoyment if there had been no banging noises as they exploded? Honestly, I doubt it.

But we all know who are terrified of the noises of fireworks – animals. Not just our pets either, farm animals, horses and of course wild animals too. The pitch of a firework bang really gets to my dog Ruby. We can barely hear anything sometimes except a low ‘thud,’ but she can hear it perfectly and her tail goes straight between her legs and she starts trembling. It’s desperately sad to see.

Looking around the racecourse the other night the majority of young children, including my daughter Elana, had ear protectors on! Because the noise is too loud for them!

It seems crazy that we need the banging noise – imagine watching a firework spectacular with music, but no firework noise at all. I think it would be just as enjoyable for us and our kids, but I think our animals (and our wild animals) would be far happier. Surely everyone wins?

We’ve set up a poll on our Facebook page on whether we think non-silent fireworks should be banned. See here, please vote and share – www.facebook.com/kelperlandvets/

There’s also been some petitions on change.org and the UK Parliament is currently undergoing a ‘Fireworks Enquiry’ – see here for more information on this topic.

If your pet is affected by fireworks then do give us a call – there’s various tactics that can really help, and some medications too. Get in touch if you need to 🙂

It’s an interesting debate!

All the best,


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