We are delighted to report that this month marks five years since my wife Camilla and I took over the running of Kelperland vets from the previous incumbent, Mr. Cooke.

When we first took over I wrote a little A4 sheet of who I was and explained what was happening. There was also a photo of me and my terrier Ruby. So for fun, we took the same photo again five years to the day since we took over…a few more grey hairs for both of us but still smiling at least

It’s been an extraordinary five years for us and for Kelperland. On a personal note, we are now settled in Fifield and love being part of the local community, plus our wonderful daughter Elana was born during this period and celebrated her third birthday last month. The practice has gone from strength to strength. When we took over there were three members of staff helping Mr. Cooke. There are now eight. There was no road sign, no website, no facebook (can you imagine?!). We’ve also invested in new kit for our patients, digital xrays, a new dental machine, a new ultrasound, etc.

Camilla and I are proud to continue the Kelperland tradition of caring for animals and their owners as personally as possible, using the most up to date veterinary care. Our aim for Kelperland to continue being a useful part of the community, caring for pets and their owners, but also the community as a whole. We’re delighted to be involved with the Holyport Fair again this year, sponsoring the dog show and running a stall. We’ve also had a big recycling and plastic reduction drive this year which we’re very proud of.

During the last five years at least five local competing vet practices have been taken over by large corporate businesses. We’re very proud to ‘still’ be a family run service, we aim to provide that personal touch that you don’t find with bigger corporate practices. None of this could be done of course without our wonderful staff, who are truly so hard working and compassionate. Lotte and Faye, in particular, have had to put up with me for the whole of the past five years, they deserve a medal for that alone

And a big thank you to you our clients for supporting us and bringing in your wonderful pets for our care and attention.

Here’s to the next 5!


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