We are now offering video consultations. These have proved to be an excellent way of our vets examining your pet without asking you to come down to the practice in the current coronavirus situation.

If you have an issue with your pet give us a call as normal. Our reception team will decide with you whether a video or physical appointment (at the practice) is most appropriate in your case.

If a video consult is decided upon then we will send you a meeting invite on email. We are running our video consults through the ‘zoom’ app – you can download this onto any device that has a camera. In our experience so far having it on your phone is quite useful as you can move your phone camera around your pet quite easily so the vet can examine particular areas of their body.

If you have any issues connecting to the software or meeting just give us a ring.

We are charging our video consults at the same pricing structure as physical appointments. After your appointment, we may post you out some medication or you can collect it. Our reception team will give you a call after the appointment to pay for the consult itself +/- any medication.

Any questions at all then please give us a ring.

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