Dear all,

Rest assured, throughout this new second lockdown of November (and beyond…), we are running a full service here at Kelperland and are still able to offer exceptional care for your pet.

If you have any healthcare needs for your pet – contact us as normal and we will discuss how we can help. We are aiming to carry on with all the normal routine and emergency work throughout this period. This is for two reasons:

  1. We feel we have a very covid safe system set up – you as the client have no need to come within 2 metres of anyone outside of your house, and have only two touchpoints – the door handle and lead connection (for dog owners only). These touchpoints are religiously disinfected all through the day. We are also doing lots of checks online now – video checks for routine checks and post-operative appointments work really well.
  2. After our experience in the Spring, we feel it is better to continue to perform ongoing health checks and emergency work throughout this period. In the Spring we pushed back a lot of routine work, health conditions were missed as a result and it all meant an enormous backlog of routine work to catch up on subsequently.

Many of you will have visited us since March 23rd, but if you haven’t, the main difference now is that you as the client stay outside and leave your pet inside with us.

When you arrive for your appointment please ring reception to tell us that you’re here. We will then either ring you or pop out to tell you when we are ready for your pet. See video here to explain:

Watch Now: Dropping off your pet

The vet will either come outside to speak to you directly (at a social distance – please see the yellow markers in the car park and under the gazebo (for if/when it rains :) ) or ring you on the phone during the appointment to discuss. We pride ourselves on our communication – so important when explaining problems with your pets – this is inevitably more challenging in the current climate but please bear with us 🙂

Once the appointment is finished our reception team will ring you to take card payment over the phone, arrange future appointments and then organise for your pet to go back into the porch for you to collect.

We have been running this ‘clients outside’ system since March 23rd and it is as good a solution as possible to caring for your pets during coronavirus.

It is sometimes frustrating and upsetting leaving your pet inside for us to examine and treat without you there to cuddle and talk to your pet. We completely understand this but currently, there is no other way. As soon as your pet is inside the porch one of our nurses takes care of them, before, during, and after their veterinary examination.

If you are self-isolating and are worried about your pet please give us a call – we will find a solution. We are still offering video consults which can work very well in these situations.

If you’re collecting mediation please bring your mobile with you so we can arrange collection and payment over the phone when you arrive.

I hope you; your families and your pets are keeping well. I’m proud that we are still able to offer an important service for you all – just let us know if we can be of help.

All the very best,

Simon and Camilla

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