As we head into lockdown 3.0 I just want to reassure you all that we are still here, as ever, to help you and your pets.

If you need our help just give us a call. We are still operating a ‘fairly’ business as usual approach – what we have learnt from previous lockdowns is that most cases are far better being seen in the practice if possible.

We aren’t going to see some ‘non-essential’ work, such as routine dentistry or nail clips. Our staff will advise on this, but in general, we can book these in but will just do so for further down the line.

We can certainly do a video consult with you and your pet if you or your family are isolating or shielding. This often a good first step and we can then work out what care your pet needs and how to give it.

We are aiming to do all post-op checks as video checks to minimise the number of visits you need. This will vary on a case, by case, basis though.

Watch Now: Dropping off your pet

In terms of visiting the practice the system has stayed fairly similar ever since March 23rd last year, but there’s an update in the video here. The key thing is for you guys to just pop in to put your cat in the porch or click your dog on our lead, and then go back outside. We can communicate with you entirely outside, either in person or on the phone. It’s far safer for both you as clients and also for my team if we do it this way.

All the best and take care of yourselves,


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